HOSTEL WASABI Osaka Bed with Library

Questions & Answers

Check-in, Check-out

Is Early Check-in available?

We offer an option called the ‘Breaking Plan’ if you would like to check-in earlier than 3PM and use our facility. You may or may not be able to use a bed depending on the availability of the rooms. For more information on the ‘Breaking Plan’,click here.

What shall I do if I can’t make it during check-in hours?

Since the front desk closes at 24 o’ clock, it may take time to check-in if there is no prior notice.
Also if you do not arrive by 2 AM, we will treat it as a cancellation and will cancel the consecutive nights as well (if there is a reservation).
It will be very helpful if you could let us know your expected arrival by e-mail or telephone in advance.

I want to check-out late.

We offer an option called the ‘Breaking Plan’ if you would like to check-out later than 10AM and use our facility. If there are no available rooms on the date of your check-out, the latest check-out time is 2PM.
For more information on the ‘Day-Use Plan’, click here.


Can you keep my luggage before checking in of after checking out?

We can keep your luggage for free on the day of check-in.
After the check-out, customers who booked via our website, can store their luggage for free until 10 p.m..
(After 10 p.m. 300 yen per day per piece of luggage will be charged)
From 2019 June 1st, customers who booked via other websites, will be able to leave their luggage for 300 yen per day.
Also, keeping the luggage the day after check-out and for the days before checking-in, 300 yen per piece of luggage will be charged.
We can store luggage of customers who didn’t book a room, click here for details.

If I ship something to “wasabi”, can you keep it till I check in?

Yes, we can keep your shipped item by the following conditions.
1) Please let the structure know about the shipping in advance.
2) Please provide for the shipping and delivery costs. If you set payment upon delivery, we will not take your item.
3) Please address it to the name of the person who will be staying at wasabi.
4) Taking your item at the front desk is free only from the day prior to check-in. If you decide to take it before, a fee will be charged.


Is there a place to smoke?

There is no smoking areas. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the accommodation.

Where should I put the sheets as I check-out?

Please leave them in the dormitory room as it is.

How can I store the valuables?

There are lockers in each dormitory. Please use the locker to keep your valuables.


Can I go out after I check-in?

Yes. Althogh the main entrance is locked from 2:00 AM to 5:30 AM, we will give you the password when you check in. The front door will be closed during that hour. Lights go out at 11PM, so please be considerate of other guests after 11PM.

Do you provide shampoo, etc?

Yes, we provide shampoo, body soap, and face cleansers in all bathrooms. In each powder room, there are various facial creams, hair irons, and hair dryers. Towels are available for rental for 200yen. For more information, click here.

Do you have plug adapters/converters? iPhone and Android cords?

Yes, both adapters and phone cords are available for rental for 1000yen deposit.

Is there a morning call service?

No, there is no morning call service. Use your alarm on your phone but please be considerate of other guests who are sleeping.

Can I borrow pajamas or some night wear?

A jersey for sleeping is available for rental at 300yen.


I want to cancel my reservation.

Please cancel your reservation through the site you booked through [Expedia, Agoda,, Hostelworld, etc].
If you reserved through our homepage, please let us know by either emailing us or calling us.


Can I stay for a long period?

Yes, of course, if there are rooms available. Please reserve as long as you would like to stay with us! The staff will clean your room once per week. Please tell the staff your preferred date when you check in.

I want to stay for a long period, can I get a discount?

Besides the usual plans, we offer weekly and monthly plans.
Please check in the Plan/Charge section.

Can I use the night bus?

You can reserve your seat at the front desk for your ride on our “VIP Liner” night bus. For more details visit or ask the staff at the front desk.