Incredible place in Shirakawa village

Shirakawa-go, where you can enjoy the impressive scenery in every season.
Convenient place for those who would like to take time and wander around the World Heritage site.
The place will make you want to come back as soon as possible.

Temporary Business Information

Guesthouse「KOSHIYAMA」will be operating temporarily from Jan 1, 2022.
Please check the reservation page, list of plan for available dates, price and detailed information.

Contact: Hostel WASABI Nagoya
【Business Hours】5:30~9:00 / 15:00~23:30


Enjoy Hida Beef steak
at the restaurant next door.


Guesthouse「KOSHIYAMA」Shirakawa-go area map

49-1 Hatotani, Shirakawa, Ono District, Gifu 501-5629


Access Information

Take highway bus from Nagoya


Direct highway bus from Nagoya has started!!

Highway Bus【VIP LINER】has started running from Nagoya to Guesthouse「KOSHIYAMA」for you to enjoy comfortable and safe journey in a toilet-equipped bus, without having to transfer along the way!

Nagoya/Kanayama ⇒ Hida-Takayama/Shirakawa-go
7:10 DepartureKanayama Station North Exit
7:40 DepartureNagoya VIP Lounge
9:40 ArrivalHirugano Kogen SA [Get off Only]
10:35 ArrivalSukyo Mahikari sohonzan mae
[Get off Only]
10:45 ArrivalTakayama Hida Hotel Plaza front
11:40 ArrivalShirakawa-go「KOSHIYAMA」
Hida-Takayama/Shirakawa-go ⇒ Nagoya/Kanayama
15:00 DepartureShirakawa-go「KOSHIYAMA」
16:05 DepartureTakayama Hida Hotel Plaza front
16:20 DepartureSukyo Mahikari sohonzan mae
17:30 DepartureHirugano Kogen SA (the up)
19:55 ArrivalNagoya VIP Lounge
20:15 ArrivalKanayama Station North Exit


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