Cafe & Hostel Kimi to Ichigo

Questions & Answers

Check-in, Check-out

Please Tell Us about Check-in and Check-out Time.

Check in time: 15:00-24:00. 1st floor door entrance until 00:00.
Check-out time until 10:00. If you Check out more than 10:00, you need to pay extra.


Before Check-in, After Check out, can you collect our luggage?

We can collect your luggage only on the day of Check in, Check out. Please come to receptionist.

I would like to send my package by courier in advance. Can I?

You can send your package to us but please write name which you use during reservation and when you stay here.
※Please pay your package first. Don’t choice cash on delivery.
※We can’t collect valuables, fragile items, temperature/humidity control items. If you still send that, it not our responsibility.

Can you help us to send items by mail?

Sorry, we can’t help you to send items by mail. Please send by yourself via convenience store.


Do you have a parking a lot?

We didn’t have parking a lot. Please use coin parking that close with our place.

Can we use Wi-Fi?

Yes. You can use Wi-Fi in our hostel.
※About connection of free Wi-Fi in our hostel.
Users’ use of Internet communications is at their own risk. The hostel will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the guest as a result of interruption of internet communication due to system failure or other reasons while the user is using the internet. In addition, if any damage is caused to this hostel or a third party due to the use of Internet communication by the user, the user shall compensate the hostel or the third party for the damage.

Do you have Public Bath?

We didn’t have public bath.

Do you have shower room?

Yes. We have 5 shower room for man, and 4 shower room for woman.

Do you have smoking area?

No, we didn’t have.

Can wheelchair user stay at your place?

Now our receptionist at 2nd floor, dormitory space at 3rd floor. Also we didn’t have elevator or facility for wheelchair user. We so sorry.


Do you have Shampoo in shower room?

Yes. We have shampoo combined conditioner and body soap. Also we have rental Shampoo and Conditioner at Receptionist.

In room, do you have towel and pajama?

No. But you can rental towel and pajama. Also we sell tooth brush, razor, and the other.

Can we only reservation for eat?

We have a café and open for public.
Café business hours : 07:00~18:00(L.O. 17:30)

Can I cook by myself?

No, you can’t.

Can I bring beer to hostel?

You can bring beer to hostel but please drink at 2nd floor.
Don’t drink at dormitory.

Can I bring my pet to hostel?

You can’t bring your pet.


It has a Cancelation fee?

It will be have cancelation fee based on:
・2 day before your stay: need a pay 30%
・1 day before you stay: need a pay 50%
・On day you stay (If you didn’t cancel, contact us, or didn’t coming: need a pay 100%

Can minors stay?

Under 18th can’t stay.

It has possible to pay other than cash?

Yes. Every Credit Card or electronic money. The details, please check our website.


Can I use the night bus?

You can reserve your seat at the front desk for your ride on our “VIP Liner” night bus. For more details visit or ask the staff at the front desk.