HOSTEL WASABI Osaka Bed with Library

Other Services

Yukata and Unique Costume Rental service

We prepare yukata and unique costume for rental each Guesthouse.
It is free to wear the costume in Guesthouse and taking picture.
You can go out to wear rental Yukata (Yukata + belt + clogs) 3,300 yen / day.

VIP Liner

Do you know about the VIP Liner?
Hostel WASABI and VIP Liner is one big family. VIP liner runs buses during the night from Tokyo to Osaka, etc! For more information, click the link below.

How to get discount or free bus ticket?

  • You get a stay at WASABI includes VIP Liner one-way ticket.
    You can buy 「Stay and Bus plan」 by WASABI HP.
  • The guest who stay WASABI can buy discount ticket at WASABI reception.
  • Distributing stamp cards that offers a free one night stay after a 10 night consecutive stay!
    More details available at the front desk of the Guesthouse.

If possible, before you make a booking, please call or send E-mail us about which date you want to get on a bus.
Osaka (TEL: 03-5811-7550, E-mail: )
Nagoya (TEL: 052-451-8381, E-mail: )

You can hop on Tuesday or Wednesday(except holidays). Between Kantou⇔Kansai, Kantou⇔Nagoya.
If we don’t have any seat you can’t use it. Please ask reception before use.
You can’t choose bus type.

Charter bus

We can supply Charter bus for group tour.
If you have many items (ex, For Ski or Snowboard), you can use the bus a few days by your group.
Please send us your schedule by e-mail or fax.