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Facility List


○ = Available for free
× = Unavailable

  • Cosmetics and beauty household appliances

    Cosmetics and beauty household appliances

    Good news for the ladies! Cosmetics and beauty household appliances are available for free rental if booked through our homepage!

  • A brand new Wasabi point card!

    Discount night bus ticket

    The point cards will be issued to customers who stay at “Hostel Wasabi”.
    Stay for 10 nights and receive a one night stay for free!
    Highly recommeneded for all those who plan to stay at Wasabi hostels in other locations across Japan.

Amenity and equipment

Dormitory room Private room Equipment
Body soap
Two-in-one shampoo
Makeup remover
Hand soap
30yen (free for private room) Tooth brush
Hair dryer
※1 Curling/Straightening iron
100yen Razor
100yen Earplug
100yen Hair comb
※2 Cotton puff
※2 Q-tips
200yen Bath towel rental
100yen Face towel rental
※3 Washlet toilet
※4 Hot shower (24H open)
Public Bath Hot Tub (6pm~11pm)
Public Bath Shower (6pm~10am)
1time 200yen Common laundry machine (RF 7am~11pm open)
30min 100yen Common drying machine (RF 7am~11pm open)
50yen Laundry detergent
300yen Jersey sleepwear
300yen Yukata sleepwear
※5 Cosmetics
※5 Beauty household appliances

※1 Free at reception or rental.
※2 In Female only dormitory.
※3 At restrooms in the common area.
※4 At 1st floor.
※5 Free for guest who booked through Wasabi HP or ‘liked’ Wasabi FB.

Food and equipment

Dormitory room Private room Equipment
Hot water
× Ice
Miso soup
Plum kelp tea
Green tea
Black tea
Roasted green tea
1shot 200yen Alcohol(Shochu・Whisky)
1can 200yen~ Other alcohol (can)
1bottle 100yen~ Other soft drink (bottle)
1cup 100yen~ Nestle coffee
× Snacks
※1 Microwave (available for use 24H)
※1 Western room Refrigerator
※1 Kitchen(Available time:7:00~23:00)

※1 At 1st floor at common space.

Facilities and service

Dormitory room Private room Equipment
Electrical sockets
× Reading light
※1 PC
Free distribution at lobby Wasabi original postcard
At the entrance Umbrella rentals (clear/white ones only)
Located on the B1F and 2F Leg massage

※1 2 common PCs at lobby 1st floor for free.

Rental at reception

1000yen deposit Charger and cord for mobile, smart phone
Free rental Clothes iron and ironing board
Free rental Blanket
Free rental Extra mattress

Other service

1 stamp 70yen International stamp
※1 Rental bicycle
1 sheet 10yen Monochrome print ※2
1 sheet 50yen Color print ※2

※1 For those who book from official HP, we provide rental bicycle for free. (For those who book from websites except for official HP, bike rentals are 100yen per hour or 300yen per day.)
Please return the bicycle by 11PM. We offer 3 types: regular bikes with a basket in the front, mountain bikes, and small fold-able bikes. We may not have the one you would like to use depending on the availability.

※2 We provide mail print service, please ask specified address for print service to staff.



Open from 7AM to 10PM. Please ask staff about after hour access.

Men’s public bath (SENTO)

Men's bath (Private SENTO)

Located on the B1F Mix dormitory. Enjoy a bath under a mural of Mt. Fuji and relax after a long day of exploring Tokyo!
※Guests with tattoos or would like to wear swimsuits are allowed to use the public bath. We are also preparing swimsuit rentals.

Women’s public bath (SENTO)

Women's bath (Private SENTO)

Located on the 2F of the Women’s only dormitory. Relax in the hot tub after a long day of exploring Tokyo!
※Guests with tattoos or would like to wear swimsuits are allowed to use the public bath. We are also preparing swimsuit rentals.

Leg massage

Massage chairs

Located on the B1F and the 2F outside the dormitory. Free to use!



Our friendly staff are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns!※The reception is closed from 1:30am to 4:30am.



2 computers in the lobby are available for use at any time, any day!



Wi-Fi can be accessed anywhere inside the building.

Free drinks

Free drinks

There is a free drink machine and a miso soup dispenser in the lobby.

Powder Room

Wash basin

Spacious powder rooms for your convenience! Skin lotion, creams, hair iron, hair dryers are available for use.

Washing machines

Washing machines

Wash 200 yen, dryer You can use it for 100 yen every 30 minutes.
One detergent is sold for 50 yen at the reception.
Open time 7: 00-23: 00



There are interesting wallpapers in each restroom!


Lockers for valuable

Each dormitory is equipped with valuables lockers. Please use it for management of valuables and when using the public bath.



Kitchen opens from 07:00 a.m. – 23:00 p.m. Cookware, toaster, cutlery, and all utensils needed for cooking are available to be used freely.

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