About check-in/check-out

Can we do early check-in before 3pm?

Early check-in before 3pm is not acceptable but you can leave your baggage for the custody.

What should I do if I couldn't make it in time for check-in?

Early/Late check-in are not acceptable. To be safe, we recommend you to take extra time to arrive on time. Your reservation may be counted as NO-SHOW(Cancellation without any contact) if there is no contact beforehand until 9pm.
Sorry for your inconvenience.

Can we do late check-out?

Check-out time is 10 am of the following day. Check-out after 10 am could not be accepted.
Thank you for your understanding.

About baggage

Is baggage custody before check-in and after check-out available?

Free baggage custody before check-in and after check-out is available.
Please be noted baggage custody over day could not be accepted.
We also accept baggae custody without reservation for the room.Please check here for more details.

Can we ask for baggage custody over the period of stay?

We do not accept baggage custody over the period of stay. Thank you for your understanding.

Can we send the baggage with delivery service beforehand and ask for baggage custody until check-in?

Yes, we accept if it meets the rules mentioned below.

  • (1)Please contact us before you send it.
  • (2)Please make sure delivery fee is taken care of when you send it. Or else, we may not accept the baggage or pay for the delivery on arrival.
  • (3)Please put the name used for booking, on the baggage.
  • (4)Baggage custody is free if it arrives a day before your stay. If it ever arrives earlier than that, custody fee will be charged.

About buildings/facilities

Can we use shower only without staying?

In our take-a-break plan or day use plan, you may use the facilites inside the building (including shower) as much as you want.

Is there a room in which smoking is allowed or any smoking area near?

Smoking is prohibited inside all the buildings. But don't worry, we have smoking area outside the buildings.

Can we do laundry?

There is no laundry service. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Can we use the bathhouse?

There is no bathhouse at 「KOSHIYAMA」.
But there are hot springs within 10-minute walk.

About our service

Is there any kind of amenities available inside the shower room/powder room?

In shower room, we have「Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap」which you can use for free.
In powder room,「makeup cleanser, toner, lotion, handsoap, hair dryer」are available.
For bath towel, face towel and toothbrush, we have them prepared inside your room.

I forgot my charging cable...

We do rental of charging cable with the deposit of 1,000¥. You can ask for one at the reception desk.

Is there a bike rental service?

We have bicycles which you can use for free during your stay at our guesthouse. Please ask the staff if you need it.

About reservation

I want to cancel...

Please follow the cancellation process of the website where you did the booking.

About parking area

Is there a parking lot?

Yes, we have parking area within our premises. Please do contact beforehand as there is a limitation.
And for parking before check-in and after check-out will cost 500¥ for one vehicle.
If our parking lot is full, there is a parking lot (paid service) near, within 20-minute walk.