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Terms & Conditions
Rules & Regulations

Terms & Conditions for Accommodation

【Application of Terms and Conditions】

Article 1
  • All accommodation contracts and related agreements made between the guesthouse and a guest shall be based on following terms and condtions. Any matters not stipulated herein shall be gorverned by laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices.
  • Regardless of the preceding Paragraph, a special contract between the guesthouse and a guest shall be on an extent of not viloating any laws and regulations and generally accepted practices, the special contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these terms and conditions.

【Application for Accommodation Contracts】

Article 2
  • The person who intends to apply for accommodation at our guesthouse must be able to provide following informations:
    • (1)Name, Address, Age, Phone number, Gender, Occupation, Date of Accommodation
    • (2)Foreign customers shall provide Nationality, Passport number, Destination before/after your stay at our guesthouse
    • (3)Departure date, Number of guest(s), Departure time, Age classification of the roommate(Adult/Child/Infant)
    • (4)Others particulars deemed neccessary by our guesthouse(Adult/Child/Infant)
  • If the guest requests to extend their accommodation period beyond the date mentioned in Article 2, during their stay, application shall be considered as a new Accommodation Contract at the time of such request is made.
  • Applicants under 18 (including highschool students) without Gurdian Approval shall be declined. All guests of such age must provide Gurdian Approval form to stay at our guesthouse.
    Applicants of middle school studends and below shall be accepted with the provision of Gurdian Approval and a companion of an adult in charge of responsibility (regardless of being a family member) over the age of 20.
    Gurdian Approval Form

【Establishment of Accommodation Contract, etc.】

Aritcle 3
  • The accommodation contract shall be concluded when the guesthouse has accepted the application as stipulated in the preceding ariticle. However、the same application shall not be done when it has been proved that the guesthouse has declined the application.
  • When an accommodation contract has been concluded in accordance with the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, the guesthouse shall ask the guest for a deposit fixed by the guesthouse over the length of stay.
  • Cancellation and compensation fee shall be deducted from the said deposit under Article 6, remaining amount, if any, shall be refunded.

【Refusal of Accommodation Contracts】

Article 4

An Accommodation Contract shall not be accepted under any of following cases:

  • When the guesthouse is fully booked and no room is available;
  • When the application does not meet the terms and conditions;
  • When the guest has a potential of violating the laws, act against public order or good morals in regard to their accommodation;
  • When a potential guest is considered being in associate with the following categories (A) to (C).
    • Under the law of Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (Act no.77 of 1991), Crime Group stated as in No.2 of Article 2 of the same law(herein after referred to as "Crime Group"), Member of Crime Group stated as in No.6 of Article 2 of the same law(herein after referred to as "Crime Group Member"), person in associate with the crime group, or related to the members of crime groups, and other antisocial forces.
    • When a person is a coporation or other entity whose business activities are controlled by a member of an organized crime group or the crime group itself.
    • A corporated person whose director is classified as a member of crime group.
  • When a potential guest is obvious to be carrying a contagious disease;
  • When a potential guest is deemed to act violent, or demand anything unresonable, or has a record of committing similar acts in the past;
  • When the guesthouse is unable to provide accommodation due to natural disaster, facility malfunction, or any other inevitable reasons;
  • When the behavior of a potential guest deemed disturbing to other guests;

【Rights to Cancel the Reservation by the Guest】

Article 5
  • The guest has a right to request the cancellation of their reservations.
  • When the accommodation contract is terminated in whole or a part due to reasons attributable to the guest, the guesthouse shall demand the cancellation fee as the list attached below. However, this may not apply to a partial cancellation of group reservation (over 10 guests), in which the number of decreased participants is equivalent to 10% of the number of reserved participants (rounded up if the result is in fraction) 10 days prior to the day of accommodation (if the request is made in less than 10 days, the date when the request is accepted).
    • (1)General Guest
      • A. Cancellation 2 days prior to accommodation, 30% cancellation fee will be charged.
      • B. Cancellation on a day before accommodation, 50% cancellation fee will be charged.
      • C. Cancellation on the day of accommodation or no show (not showing up on the day without adavanced notice), 100% cancellation fee will be charged.
    • (2)Group Reservation (over 10 people)
      • A. Cancellation less than a month before accommodation, or no arrival on the reserved date without advanced notice, 100% cancellation fee will be charged.
  • The reservation is considered as cancelled if the guests fail to arrive until 9pm (in 2 hours of the scheduled time if the guest notified us about the arrival time in advance) on the day of accommodation.
  • In case of the cancellation in the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the reason why the guest failed to show up on time without advanced notice is because of a delay of public transportation such as train, airplane, etc., and if the guest is able to submit the proof of such event, the cancellation fee stated in the preceding paragraph will not be applied.

【Rights to Cancel the Accommodation Contracts by the Guesthouse】

Article 6
  • The Guesthouse may terminate the accommodation contract that fall under any of the following cases:
    • (1)When the guest has a potential of violating the laws and regulations, act against public order or good morals in regard to accommodation. Or if the guest has committed similar acts in the past.
    • (2)When the guest is applicable to the following categories (A) to (C):
      • (A) An organized crime group and its member, a person related or in associate with such groups or antisocial forces
      • (B) When a person is a coporation or other entity whose business activities are controlled by a member of an organized crime group or the crime group itself
      • (C) When any of the directors of the corporation of the guest is also classified as a member of crime group
    • (3)When the guest uses violence verbally or physically against the facility and other guests.
    • (4)When the guest is obvious to be carrying a contagious disease.
    • (5)When the guest threatens or uses violence on the staff, or demands anything beyond reasonable range. Or when the guest is considered to have committed similar acts in the past
    • (6)When the guesthouse is unable to provide accommodation due to natural disaster, or any other inevitable causes.
    • (7)When there is no deposit (mentioned in No.2 of Article 3) in payment period.
    • (8)When the guest refuses to follow the prohibitions of the guesthouse.
  • If the guesthouse terminated the accommodation contract due to the reasons stated in the preceding paragraph, the guest shall not pay for the services that is yet to be provided.

【Registeration for Accommodation】

Aritcle 7
  • The guest must be able to provide the following informations at the front desk on the day of accommodation.
    • (1)Name, Address, Age, Phone number, Gender, Occupation
    • (2)Foreign customers must also provide Nationality, Passport number, Desitination before and after the accommodation at our guesthouse
    • (3)Departure date, Number of participants, Departure time, Age classification of the roommate (Adult/Child/Infant)
    • (4)Other informations deemed necessary by the guesthouse (Adult/Child/Infant)

【Available Hours of Guest Rooms】

Article 8
  • Available Hours for accommodation is from 3pm of the day of arrival to 10am the next morning. However, the guest may use the room for the entire day if they reserved for the consecutive days, except on arrival and departure days.
  • The guesthouse shall act by the law if there was a baggage or cell phones left inside the room or the facility after check-out. If the owner of the item is identified, the guesthouse shall, in principle, contact the guest and follow the given instructions (However, we will not take responsibility for the process).
  • If the guest appears to stay inside and use the facility (except lobby) for a long time after check-out, the guesthouse may take such action as accommodation and demand the payment.


Article 9
  • Payment shall be done in cash, credit cards or coupons, at the front desk after the guest's arrvial or upon the request from the guesthouse.
  • The guest will still be charged even if they voluntarily choose not to stay in the room provided by the guesthouse.

【Compliance with Rules & Regulations】

Article 10

The guest shall comply with the rules and regulations provided by the guesthouse.

【Liabilities of the Guesthouse】

Article 10
  • The guesthouse is responsible for your accommodation from the time of check-in at front desk or when you have entered the provided room, until the time of check-out for departure.
  • The guesthouse shall not take responsibility for any damage caused as the guest failed to follow the rules and regulations.
  • When the guesthouse is unable to provide the reserved rooms for some reason, except during natural disaster and other inevitable circumstances, the guesthouse shall arrange another accommodation facility of the same standard with the guest's consent.

【Liablities for Parking Lot】

Article 12

For the use of parking lot, the guesthouse only means to provide the place for your vehicle and the responsibility of your vehicle shall not be managed by the guesthouse regardless of the custody of the keys at the front desk. However, the guesthouse shall compensate for the damage caused intentionally or by negligence of the guesthouse during the maintenence of the parking lot.

【Liabilities of the Guest】

Article 13
  • The guesthouse shall be compensated by the guest for any damage or loss caused by intentional or negligent act.
  • The guest shall be responsibile for leaving their own devices in the lobby or shared space. The guesthouse shall not take responsbility of your devices for any damage or loss.

【Checked Items at the Front Desk】

Article 14
  • The guesthouse shall compensate for the damage or loss of the customer's belongings checked at the front desk, except for following inevitable cases.
  • There shall be no compensation for any damage or loss for following cases:
    • (1)Damage or loss of the properties listed in next paragraph (Unacceptable items for custody)
    • (2)Inevitable case of natural disaster
    • (3)When the stored items are taken or asked to submit as evidence by a public officer for a judical operation
    • (4)Damage or loss by an illegal act of a third party
    • (5)When it is unattributable to the responsibility of the guesthouse
  • Following items shall not be checked at the front desk.(Unacceptable items for custody)
    • (1)Cash/Valuables(securities, jewelry, documents, and other items which the owners considers as valuables)
    • (2)Corpse
    • (3)Pets
    • (4)Dangerous items such as volatile or explosive items
    • (5)Guns, swords and other crime-related items
    • (6)Items that emit strong or foul odor, and perishable items
    • (7)Dirty items and items that could stain or damage the storageroom
    • (8)Items prohibited to carry or possess by the law
    • (9)Other items that the guesthouse deems unacceptable for storage

【Cash and other valuables】

Article 15

Specific lockers to keep cash and valuables are provided inside the guesthouse. Upon using the lockers, the responsibility to manage the storage is completely on the guest themselves. No matter what happens, the guesthouse shall not be responsible for any loss or damage.

【Computer Network】

Article 16
  • The guest shall use computer network at their own risk. The guesthouse shall not take responsibility for any damage that may occur when the network got interrupted or terminated due to system error or any other reasons.
  • If the guest is deemed using the computer network in improper way that may cause or has actually caused damage to the guesthouse or the third party, the guesthouse shall charge the guest for the damage they have caused.

【Changes to Terms】

Article 17

The guesthouse may change rules and regulations when it is necessary upon running the business without prior notice, such as the following paragraph which is not stated in these Terms and Conditions.

Rules & Regulations

Guesthouse「KOSHIYAMA」(hereinafter, "the guesthouse") request the customers to follow the following regulations set for your safety and to have you feel comfortable during your stay. Please be noted that the guest may be refused by the guesthouse for further loding if they failed to follow the rules.

1.Scope of Application

  • This applies to the guests visiting all of our premises (including accommodation facilities, lobby, premises, etc. Referred as "our premises" below.). However, the rules, which are not included in these Rules & Regulations, apply to Terms and Conditions for Accommodation.

2.Fire Safety and Security

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all of our premises. Use the smoking area outside the facility when smoking.。
  • Do not enter the restricted areas for customers such as backyard, emergency stairs, storage room, etc.

3.Lost and Found Items

  • The guesthouse shall handle lost and found items according to the law (Lost Property Act) by the Gorvernment.

4.Facility of the Guesthouse

  • Internet Facility
    • The guest may use internet facility freely, however, browsing against public order and morals shall be declined by the guesthouse.
    • Wireless LAN network service, not guaranteed for 100% network security, is available and the guest may use at their own risk.
    • Internet connection maybe slow or no connection at all, according to the setting of your devices and busy connection, at times.
    • Regarding the setting of your personal computer and devices, the guesthouse shall not assist you at all.
    • Regarding the network security, the guest may connect the network at their own risk.
  • There is no laundry service available at the guesthouse.
  • Available Hours to Use Facilities
    • Front Desk 3pm - 6pm
    • Shower room 24 hours (Hair dryers are available until 9pm)
    • The guest shall use the facilities from 3pm of the day of check-in until 10am of the day of check-out. Using the facility before check-in and after check-out is prohibited.

5.Behavior of the Guest

  • The guest shall consent to follow the in-house instructions by the staff. The guesthouse may cancel the accommodation contracts if the guest refuse in any way.
  • Only the contracted guests are allowed inside the facility.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside all of the facilities. The guest shall use the specified smoking area outside the facility to smoke.
  • Follow the instructions and put the trash separately in the garbage can provided inside the guesthouse.
  • Do not drive or ride a bike under the influence of alcohol.
  • Do not bring in the lawfully restricted items or any dangerous items to the guesthouse.
  • Although the guesthouse has no curfew, the guest shall be careful of their action around neighborhood or other guests, after hours at night. Please be noted that the lights will be off at 9pm every night.

6.Liability of the Guest

  • The guesthouse shall not be responsible for any trouble happened between the guests. The guests shall resolve the problem on their own.

7.About Rental Service

  • Rental service of bicycles is available at the guesthouse. However, the guesthouse has no responsibility for the accident occurred by intention or negligence of the guest.
  • The guest shall compensate for any damage or loss happened to the rented bicycle.

8.Prohibited Acts

  • Gambling or acts against public morals inside the facility
  • Speaking in loud voice, singing or disturbing noise that may cause annoyance to other guests
  • Clothing or a person covered in dirt that may pose a nuisance to other guests
  • Any acts of using the facility in other purposes than loding and dinner without the permission from the guesthouse
  • Do not bring in the items that may disturb other guests, to the guesthouse.
    • (A) All kinds of pets and animals including dog, cat and bird (except service dogs and guide dogs)
    • (B) Explosive and ignitable items, life-threatening products, items that emit foul odor, and other restricted items by the law
  • Causing damage to the facility, moving the properties inside without the permission of the guesthouse, or changes to the original condition. Also, do not take the property of the guesthouse out of the premises
  • Advertising, distributing leaflets and promotional items, selling products, invitations, business activities, etc., or petition for political issues without the permission of the guesthouse
  • Posting the pictures taken inside the facility publically for business purpose without the consent of the guesthouse
  • Any other acts that deemed inappropriate by the guesthouse

9.Privacy Policy

  • No third party is allowed to use the name of our facility, Guesthouse「KOSHIYAMA」.
  • Our guesthouse is a liscenced business, running under the category of casual lodging, hostel.
  • Personal informations of the guest used for registeration shall be protected by the law (Act on Protection of Personal Information). The guesthouse guarantees that there will be no disclosure, transfer and sale of the guest's information to third parties. However, following cases are exceptions.
    • (A) Disclosure of the informations with the consent of the guest prior
    • (B) Disclosure of the informations by demand of the Gorvernment and Public Relations Office
  • The guest may be notified of announcements and advertisements of the guesthouse through the e-mail address used for registeration, at any time.
  • The guesthouse has all rights of the images, paragraphs and design used on the homepage. Using them without permission is prohibited.
  • There shall be a change to these rules and regulations without any prior announcement.

10.About monitor staff for safety

  • 1. Please be noted that a staff, could be a male staff at times, will be monitoring around the floor for safety.

Supplementary Provisions : These terms and conditions will be effective starting from August 8, 2020.