Low-priced hostel without meal service,
dormitory house/guesthouse

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Shower Plan・Day Use Plan

OK without reservation
You can jump in and use it for a short time!

Shower Plan

Using Time15:00~23:00(Last admission is at 22:00)
Price600 jpy 1 hour / 1000 jpy 2 hours
※Further Extension 300jpy per hour (Extension fee is charged after 2 hours using)
Our Service Shower/Powder Room/Lobby Entrance/Wireless Wi-fi/Free Drink Bar etc
※Room-using is not allowed
※Leaving time is 23:00
※Rental towel is charged a fee

Day Use Plan

Using Time6:00~23:00(Last admission is at 21:00)
Price1500 jpy 2 hours
※Further Extension 500 jpy per hour
Our Service Room/Shower/Powder Room/Lobby EntranceWireless Wi-Fi/Free Drink Bar etc
※Room may not be used incase all-full up
※Leaving time is 23:00
※Rental towel is charged a fee

Suggested Using Situations

  • For showers and breaks before using the highway bus
  • Relaxing after showered time
  • Needing private time for Working or Studing
  • Sleeping in Dormitory (Day Use plan Only)
  • For a break between Uber Eats deliveries

All Free in both plan

  • Shower Room
  • Powder Room
  • Lobby Entrance
  • Free Bar


  • Free use Shower Room Free use Shower Room
    Rinse Shampoo/Body Soap/Make-up Remover (Facial Form) etc
  • powder room Huge powder room
    Hand Soap/Skin Toner/Dryer etc
    ※Bath towel/ Facial towel are retal cost
  • Free Drink Bar Free Drink Bar
  • 部屋 Dormitory type room (only for Day use plan)

You can reserve a shower plan from the following!

  • ※If it is crowded, waiting may occur.
  • ※Reservations may be canceled if the arrival time is significantly exceeded.