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Other Services

Yukata and Unique Costume Rental service

We have a variety of yukata and unique costumes for rental at each Hostel Wasabi.
It is free to try on and wear the costume inside the Hostel to take a picture.
If you would like to go out and wear them, for 1 day, it is 1000yen for the costume, 3000yen for the yukata.

VIP Liner

Do you know about the VIP Liner?
Hostel WASABI and VIP Liner is one big family. VIP liner runs buses during the night from Tokyo to Osaka, etc! For more information, click the link below.

Discounts and Free bus tickets

  • Book the ‘STAY + BUS’ plan through our homepage and get one night at WASABI as well as a one-way bus ticket.
  • Guests staying at WASABI are eligible for bus discounts.

If possible, before you make a reservation, please call or send us an e-mail about which date you want to use the bus.
Nagoya (TEL: 052-451-8381, E-mail: nagoya@guesthousejp.com )

Eligible only for departures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Between Kantou⇔Kansai, Kantou⇔Nagoya.
Depending on the availability of the seats, you may or may not be able to use the bus on your desired departure date.
You do not have a choice on which type of bus you would like to use.

Charter Bus

We provide charter buses for group tours.
If you have a lot of baggage (ex. for skiing, snowboarding), you can use the bus for a few days with your group.
Please send us your schedule by e-mail or fax (048-487-7135).