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Questions & Answers

Check-in, Check-out

Is Early Check-in available?

We offer an option called the ‘Break Plan’ if you would like to check-in earlier than 3PM and use our facility. You may or may not be able to use a bed depending on the availability of the rooms.
For more information on the ‘Break Plan’, click here.

What shall I do if I can’t make it during check-in hours?

If you believe you will arrive later than 10PM, please call us at 03-5811-7550 or e-mail us at info@guesthousejp.com to let us know what time you will be arriving. If you do not contact us, your reservation will automatically be cancelled.
Check-in after 10PM will be charged a late check-in fee of 500yen per person. Doors close at 12AM midnight; You will not be able to check-in after 12AM midnight even if you contact us about your late arrival.

I want to check-out late.

We offer an option called the ‘Break Plan’ if you would like to check-out later than 10AM and use our facility. If there are no available rooms on the date of your check-out, the latest check-out time is 2PM.
For more information on the ‘Day-Use Plan’, click here.


Can I leave my luggage in the hostel before check-in?

Yes, of course you can leave your luggage at the front desk before check-in and explore Tokyo!

Can I leave my luggage after I check-out and pick it up later on in the day?

Yes! it is free until 10pm on the date of your check-out. Pick-up any later than 10pm, you will be charged 300yen per bag.

Can I leave my luggage during the time I am not staying in Wasabi?

Yes, you can if you are coming back to stay again. There will be a fee of 300yen per day per bag.
If you do not have a plan to stay, we can also keep your luggage for you. Please check here

Is it possible to send a package beforehand and ask you to hold it for me until I check-in?

Yes, we can receive and hold the package for you under the following conditions:
1) The items as well as the shipping must be prepaid. If the package is cash-on-delivery, we cannot receive the package for you.
2) Please have the package sent under your name (English alphabet) and if possible, your check-in date as well.

About our facility

Can I use just the shower?

Yes, you can use the shower room during the day if you have already checked-in or if you are using the ‘Break Plan’ or ‘Day-Use Plan’. The Public Bath area, however, is open from 8PM to 10AM the following morning.

Is there a place to smoke?

There are designated smoking areas right outside Wasabi. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the accommodation.

Where should I put the sheets as I check-out?

Please leave them in the dormitory room as it is.

Can I do laundry?

The coin laundry is on the rooftop terrace; open from 7AM to 11PM.
To wash is 200yen. To dry is 100yen per 30 minutes. Detergents are sold at the front desk.

Where can I store my valuables?

There are lockers available for 500yen deposit, next to the front desk on the 1st floor.
There are two sizes, small lockers (Width 15cm, Height 13cm, Depth 27cm) and medium sized lockers (Width 25cm, Height 26cm, Depth 35cm).

I want to use the bath before check-in.

You can use the shower by using ”breaking plan” or “Day-use Plan”. From 6pm to 11pm, you can also use the big bath. Those who are not staying in Wasabi, also can use the bath by using ”breaking plan” or “Day-use Plan”.

From what time can I use the hot tub/spring? Also, is the sauna available?

The hot tub is open from 6PM to 11PM.
The shower area in the Public Bath space is available from 6PM to 10AM the following morning.
Unfortunately, the sauna is currently unavailable. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bathe with my clothes on?

We provide a swimsuit for free.
Please bathe with it on.


What is the “Day-use Plan”?

We offer a “Day-use Plan” that allows guests to use our facility for a certain period of time during the day.
For more details, please check here.

Do you provide shampoo, body wash, etc?

Yes, we provide shampoo, body soap, and face cleansers in all bathrooms. In each powder room, there are various facial creams, hair irons, and hair dryers.
Towels are available for rental for 200yen. For more information, click here.

Can I go out after I check-in?

Yes, of course. Lights go out at 11PM, so please be considerate of other guests after 11PM.

Do you have plug adapters/converters? iPhone and Android cords?

Yes, both adapters and phone cords are available for rental for 1000yen deposit.

I heard I can borrow cosmetics and some beauty home electric appliances.

If you book a room with us through our homepage, you can use them free of charge! If you booked through other reservation sites, it is 300yen. For more information, click here.

Is there a morning call service?

No, there is no morning call service. Use your alarm on your phone but please be considerate of other guests who are sleeping.

Do you serve breakfast?

Yes, we offer breakfast for 300yen when paid beforehand. If you decide to buy breakfast on the day of, it is 500yen.

Can I borrow pajamas or some night wear?

Rental of jerseys and Japanese Yukata for sleeping is available for 300yen.

Can I borrow bicycles?

For those who book from official HP, we provide rental bicycle for free. (For those who book from websites except for official HP, bike rentals are 100yen per hour or 300yen per day.)
Please return the bicycle by 11PM. We offer 3 types: regular bikes with a basket in the front, mountain bikes, and small fold-able bikes. We may not have the one you would like to use depending on the availability.

Do you provide slippers?

Yes, we provide slippers for 100yen.


Please book a room for us.

Please use online booking sites to reserve a room. You can book your desired room through our homepage or other sites such as Expedia, Agoda, Booking.com, Hostelworld, etc.

I want to book a room by phone.

To make a reservation by phone, you will be charged a fee of 300yen + the room rate.

I want to cancel my reservation.

Please cancel your reservation through the site you booked through [Expedia, Agoda, Booking.com, Hostelworld, etc].
If you reserved through our homepage, please let us know by either emailing us or calling us.


Please tell me more about your rooms and the costs for each room.

Please visit our main website for more information on the rooms as well as the price of each room type. The cost per day and availability for each room will fluctuate and vary each day.

How to get to Narita airport from Wasani Nippori?

Skyliner is the best way to get to the Narita airport. First, You take the JR Johban line from Mikawashima station(Nearest station from wasabi)to Nippori station. At Nippori station, You can purchase a ticket of Skyliner to Narita airport. After purchasing the cicket, you get on the Skyliner at platform. It is direct train service to Narita airport.
Mikawashima sta. to Nippori sta. (140yen)
Nippori sta. to Narita airport (2470yen)

Can I stay for a long period?

Yes, of course, if there are rooms available. Please reserve as long as you would like to stay with us! The staff will not clean your room during your stay unless you ask us to.
We also offer a apartment for long-stay, it is useful for group or family to stay in.
For further details, please check here.

I’m staying for a long period of time so can I have a discount?

Unfortunately, no, there are no discounts.

Is it possible to use the expressway bus?

We are happy to recommend our expressway bus “VIP liner”. Reservations are available at the front desk.
For more details please ask the staff at the reception desk or check out the VIP liner homepage.

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