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RYOKAN&HOSTEL WASABI Kyoto Soba is a hostel remodeled an old Japanese styled house.

  • Our hostel, located in a residential area, aims for making you feel as if you lived in kyoto.
    It is near from many sightseeing spots such as Nijo-jo, Kyoto Imperial Palace or Seimei shrine, which is also very convenient to go sightseeing at Kinkaku-ji or Arashiyama by bus.

    The word “Soba” means close by, near in Japanese. Our hostel stands in “soba (close by)” the touristic area of Kyoto, and we aim to always be in “soba (stand close by) our guests.
    The name “Guest house WASABI Kyoto Soba” comes from that thought of ours.

    We also have a café/bar (open 15:00~23:00) in the hostel.
    We offer snack such as green soybeans, dumplings, Okonomiyaki, waffle, etc. also drink such as beer, Sake, coffee, etc.

    In addition, we hold a regular cultural exchange event.
    Guests who stay in Wasabi can participate in event, and guests who don't stay also can!
    For more details of the event, please check our facebook.

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