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Event Gallery


Guesthouse Wasabi Nippori holds events on a regular basis.
Events include sesonal events such as Tanabata and Halloween. It also has Japanese cultural activities such as tea ceremony, making rice cakes etc;
Join us and enjoy new encounters and cultural exchanges with foreigners.
If you would like to participate in any of the events in the future,
please check and confirm participation on Facebook
And, we are looking people who can boost the energy levels of our event!
We can even arrange event spaces. So for all those who are interested, please send us a message from this page.
Events that have been held so far are : Halloween, Tea ceremony, Sumidagawa fireworks, New Year party, Hina Matsuri event etc;

Walking Tour

The tours are designed to go around the popular sightseeing spots of Tokyo.
Enjoy sightseeing with Bilingual guides who speak fluent Japanese and English.
The tour is absolutely free for the guests staying at Wasabi! And, for anyone else its only a ¥1000
Please note that the transportation fees of the day will be borne by the participants.
For all future walking tours, please check and apply from our Facebook page
The walking tours so far include Nezu shrine, Yanaka shopping district, Shibamata Taishakuten and Ueno・Asakusa.
The participants came from various countries such as Europe, Asia, North America and South America and they were all very satisfied with the tours!
Ofcourse, Japanese customers are welcome as well. Please feel free to join us!

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