Travel report

We are happy to get an E-mail of guests from Paris!

A wonderful couple, French husband and Japanese wife.
We introduce their report of our hostel and our group’s overnight bus “VIP Liner”.


This time I experienced a pleasant trip by VIP Liner.
I worried that I can’t sleep in the bus by jet lag from Paris, in the end, I slept in a few hours.
After arriving Kyoto, we took a rest at VIP Lounge, using free drink service such as coffee and grabbing a bite, I was impressed with high-quality service.
I prepared for moving, fixing my make-up in a powder room, and then move to hostel WASABI.
I thought that overnight bus was a excellent way to spend time effectively by arriving in early morning.

iconArriving at Hostel WASABI

We have some luggage, so moving from VIP Lounge to WASABI by taxi.
It cost about 1700 yen, I guessed WASABI was a little far from the center of Kyoto City, but it was conveniently situated. Bus from Kyoto station was also convenient.
There is a big super market across the street, UNIQLO and 100 yen shop are also near from WASABI, so you can get anything you need, it is convenient for long stay.

iconRental bicycle

After arriving at WASABI, we leave my suitcase and use rental bicycle of WASABI.
It just had a insurance, so we were able to go cycling safely.
We fully enjoyed cycling around Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace and Kinkakuji temple, it was excellent in that we moved freely at our own pace.

iconBus in the Kyoto city

We rode the bus on 2nd and 3rd day, buses in the Kyoto city were very convenient.
We bought a good value one day tickets (500 yen) and went a little far, going to Fushimiinari-taisha Shrine, Sanjusangen-do, Ginkakuji temple and Arashiyama.
As for transportation, we were given good advice from WASABI staff.

iconGood point of WASABI

Common area, near from the entrance, there are TV, internet space and free drink server, so service was good and you can grab a bite there.
You can bring in food and drinks, so we make a toast with beer and plum wine bought at super market. We spread a map at a big table and spend a time as if we gone to friend’s house to play with.
Staff were so kind to help our travel.
We stayed at private room, Japanese Futon beds were very comfortable to lie on.
Powder room, toilet and bath room were share space, but these were sufficient in number, clean and comfortable. We felt a special point to hostel in that you exchange greetings when you passed by one another, There was a small Japanese garden in a courtyard, unique to Kyoto town house, carps swam in garden’s pond, Alexie liked it very much.
We made a good memories of Kyoto, spending a time for 3 days at hostel with lots of atmosphere.
We are looking forward to staying again next time.
Miki & Alexie(living in Paris, France)

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