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Check-in, Check-out

Is Early Check-in available?

No, you cannot check-in earlier than 3PM at HOSTEL WASABI Kyoto Machiya SOBA. You can, of course, leave your luggage at the front desk before the check-in to travel around Kyoto!

What shall I do if I can’t make it for check-in hours?

If you believe you will arrive later than 10PM, please call us at 075-276-0828 or e-mail us at to let us know what time you will be arriving. If you do not contact us, your reservation will automatically be cancelled. Doors close at 1AM midnight; You will not be able to check-in after 1AM midnight even if you contact us about your late arrival.

I want to check-out late.

Check-out is until 10AM. We offer an option called the ‘Breaking Plan’ if you would like to check-out later than 10AM and use our facility. The latest time for check-out is 2PM.


Can I keep my luggage in the hostel before check-in?

Yes, of course you can leave your luggage at the front desk before check-in and explore Kyoto!

Can I leave my luggage after I check-out?

Yes! it is free until 10pm on the date of your check-out. Pick-up any later than 10pm, you will be charged 300yen per bag. We cannot keep your luggage the day after or even later.
If you do not have a plan to stay, we can also keep your luggage for you. Please check here

You can also leave your luggage at the VIP lounge.
VIP lounge Kyoto: Nishiguchitorii-cho 6, Nishikujo, Minami-ku Kyoto
TEL: 075-691-1123
You cannot leave your luggage or receive your luggage from 11AM to 1PM.

Can I leave my luggage during the time I am not staying in Wasabi?

No, we cannot keep your luggage during you are not staying in Wasabi. Luggage keeping service is only available on check-in and check-out day.

Is it possible to send a package beforehand and ask you to keep it?

Yes, we can receive and hold the package for you under the following conditions:
1) The items as well as the shipping must be prepaid. If the package is cash-on-delivery, we cannot receive the package for you.
2) Please have the package sent under your name (English alphabet) and if possible, your check-in date as well.


Is there a place to smoke?

Yes, there is a smoking space inside of Wasabi. Please ask us about the exact space when you check in.

Where should I put the sheets as I check-out?

Please leave them in the dormitory room as it is.

How can I store the valuables?

There are lockers in each dormitory and at the front. Please use the locker to keep your valuables.


Can I go out after I check-in?

Yes you may but you cannot go in or out during 1:00~5:00 in the morning. The front door will be closed during that hour. Lights go out at 11PM, so please be considerate of other guests after 11PM. It is a quiet residential area, please refrain from going out late at night or too early in the morning.

Do you provide shampoo, etc?

Yes, we provide shampoo, body soap, and face cleansers in all bathrooms. And we have hair dryers, too near the bathrooms. Towels are available for rental for 200yen. For more information, please let me know when you check in .

Do you have plug adapters/converters? iPhone and Android cords?

Yes, both adapters and phone cords are available for rental for 1000yen deposit.

I heard I can borrow cosmetics and some beauty home electric appliances.

We are sorry, we don’t have any cosmetic items we can rent. However, we have some electric beauty equipments for eyes, hairs etc. If you book from our official website, you can use those for free, and if you book from some travel agents, please “LIKE” our facebook page and it is free to use!

Is there a morning call service?

No, there is no morning call service. Use your alarm on your phone but please be considerate of other guests who are sleeping.

Can I borrow pajamas or some night wear?

Yes, you can. We have rental sweat shirt and pants for 300yen. Please let us know when you check in.

Do you have rental bicycles?

Bike rentals are 1 hour 100yen or 1000yen per day, along with a deposit of 1000yen. Please return the bicycle by 10 midnight.If you return the bike after midnight, you will be charged per hour.


I want to cancel my reservation.

Please cancel your reservation through [Expedia, Agoda,, Hostelworld, etc].



I would like to reserve the whole room.

You can reserve one whole Japanese style room paying the fixed fee (ex. Rooms with a maximum capacity of 3 persons will be charged the fee of 3 persons even if only 2 persons are using the room); make the reservation under the name of the group representative. Only in case of a whole room reservation, female gusets can stay in the men only rooms as well. Please let us know in advance by emailing us at

Can I stay for a long period?

Yes, of course, if there are rooms available. Please reserve as long as you would like to stay with us! The staff will not clean your room during your stay unless you ask us to.

I’m staying for a long period of time so can I have a discount?

Unfortunately, no, there are no discounts.

Is it possible to use the expressway bus?

We are happy to recommend our expressway bus “VIP liner”. Reservations are available at the front desk.
For more details please ask the staff at the reception desk, or check out the VIP liner homepage.

Bus stamp cards are given at WASABI’s front desk. For every one night you stay, you get one stamp. Collect 5 stamps for a FREE one-way bus ticket!
※Eligible only for departures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Between Kantou⇔Kansai, Kantou⇔Nagoya.
Depending on the availability of the seats, you may or may not be able to use the bus on your desired departure date.
You do not have a choice on which type of bus you would like to use.

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