Beauty household appliances free rental

Good news for the ladies! beauty household appliances are available for free rental if booked through our homepage!
Anything you wanted to try but couldn’t, you can do it all here at Wasabi!
We have everything you need and a whole lot more so you do not need to bring anything bulky such as hair irons as well! Travel light!

Terms of Use

  • Ask the reception staff for the cosmetic you would like to borrow.
  • Each Guesthouse Wasabi holds different cosmetic products. Please ask the staff for more information.
  • You can use the cosmetics for free if you had reserved from Wasabi official website, or if you are walk-in customer, or you decide to stay longer than your first plan.
    If you used other sites besides our homepage to reserve a room, or if you are “Day-Use Plan” user, you can use the cosmetics for free if you bookmark the official website or “Like” our Wasabi Facebook page.
    We will charge 300 yen if you don’t fit into the situation of above.

Handling item

Beauty household appliances

  • Steamer nano care

  • Steamer nano care

  • Steamer nano care

  • Eye beauty treatment salon(beauty type)

  • Eye beauty treatment salon(reflexology type)

  • eyelash curler

  • Feh Rie face use

  • Nail care (basic care)

  • Hair dryer nano care

  • Round and round dryer nano care

  • Curl iron 26&32mm

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