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A brand new Wasabi point card!

The point cards will be issued to customers who stay at “Hostel Wasabi”.
Stay for 10 nights and receive a one night stay for free!
Highly recommeneded for all those who plan to stay at Wasabi hostels in other locations across Japan.

How to use the campaign?

  • Stay at Hostel Wasabi for 10 nights
  • Avail a free one night stay in any location across Japan.
  • Make a reservation at the front desk, mail or telephone
  • Free stay

Important notes

  • Point cards are distributed at all Hostel Wasabi locations.
  • After the point card is issued and stamped twice, only reservations from the official site, telephone and direct reservations at the front desk will be considered for receiving stamps.
  • The first stamp will be stamped regardless of the reservation site.
  • To avail benefits, please make a reservation directly at the reception, e-mail or telephone.
  • Availing benefits is subject to the availibility on the day.
  • Hostel Wasabi’s one night stay is limited to dormitories. You can choose to stay in a private room by paying the difference with the dormitory fee (on the day).
  • The first point card can be used as it is within the expiration date. Please note that you cannot carry over points to the second card.
  • The days you cannot use the points are Friday, Saturday, days before public holidays, April 1st – 15th, April 27th – May 5th, August 11th – 16th and December 20th – January 5th.
  • Please note that the point card will not be stamped while using the Night Bus VIP Liner`s Optional Plan “Hostel Wasabi 1night Plan”.
  • The free night reward is one time only. If you rearrange or cancel the reservation later on, the reward will be invalid.
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