Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was politician regarded as “great unifier” and “the most successful person in Samurai”.
He established “Jurakudai” as a mansion and government office in his period.
It was a mansion, the center of the cultural communication and government, where the tea master Sen no rikiyu built his residence.
Though it is not in existence because of the fires of war,it was in “Rakuchu”, “Raku” was used same meaning as “Kyou” or “Miyako”, refered to the center of Kyoto City from old times.
RYOKAN&Hostel WASABI Kyoto SOBA is here in the place where “Jurakudai” was.

  • The picture of visiting by Emperor Goyozei to The picture of visiting by Emperor Goyozei to “Jurakudai”
  • Portrait of Toyotomi Hideyoshi Portrait of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  • The stone monument of The stone monument of ”Jurakudai”


“Eternal and transitory” This building is Japanese style townhouse built in about 100 years ago.
Once you enter, you feel the beauty of four seasons vividly as if you were disconnected from reality,A architectural beauty spread out before you.
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