Japan.hands free travel

Japan.hands free travel

HEISEI ENTERPRISE,Inc provides temporary baggage storage service on the day at 6 stores of VIP Lounge and 4 stores of Hostel WASABI.

Storage target Lounge

Receiving / Pick up

Tokyo VIP Lounge9:00~20:00
Shinjuku VIP Lounge9:00~11:0011:00~13:00 Close13:00~20:00
Kyoto VIP Lounge9:00~11:0011:00~13:00 Close13:00~20:00
Osaka VIP Lounge9:00~20:00
VIP Villa Namba9:00~11:0011:00~13:00 Close13:00~20:00
Nagoya VIP Lounge8:00~9:009:00~12:00 Close12:00~20:00
RYOKAN&HOSTEL  WASABI Nippori7:00~10:0010:00~15:00 Close15:00~22:00
HOSTEL WASABI Nagoya Ekimae7:00~22:00
RYOKAN&HOSTEL WASABI Kyoto Soba7:00~10:0010:00~15:00 Close15:00~22:00
HOSTEL WASABI Osaka Bed and Library7:00~22:00


Baggage we can keep